Conditions for use

Agreeing with conditions
•When registering as a user of the portal, you agree to the conditions for use presented on this page.
•If you do not agree with the conditions for use, please do not use the portal.
•If necessary, may change the conditions for use.
•Changes will enter into force 5 days after their publication on this page.

Membership status
•Persons who are at least 18 years of age may register as members.
•A user may have only one account. Multiple accounts will be blocked without warning.
• reserves the right at all times to terminate membership status if a user violates these rules.
•Each user is personally responsible for the consequences arising from the use of the page.
• is not liable for the consequences of conflicts arising from one or more members or non-members.

Entered information
•By registering you agree to publish true, accurate and currently valid information.
•Displaying the personal data of foreign persons in your profile is prohibited.
•The presented information may not conflict with any valid legislation, ethical norms or good practices.
•By registering as a user of the portal, you agree to the following conditions for use and are responsible for any information, text or pictures that you have published.
•Information (posts, pictures, etc.) uploaded by you may not violate copyrights, patents, trademarks or the intellectual, private, personal or personality rights or public rights of third parties. Published information may not be misleading, defamatory or threatening.
•By agreeing to these rules, the user has given permission to the employees of to process information published by the user in the portal, including picture(s) that were/are displayed in the portal and other personal data, for the purposes of providing services; for the purposes of servicing and marketing, including offering users more personal, comfortable and innovative solutions.

• is not liable for the accuracy of the contents of users’ posts, any possible consequences arising from the posts, or the occurrence of possible direct or indirect
•In accordance with the conditions for use, the user is liable for the submission of accurate and correct information and possible consequences arising from the use of the portal.
• does not guarantee that the portal will function without interruption or errors.
•Valid legislation and the price list of will be followed in the refunding of payments made for the provision of service.
•The portal is offered on the principle of “as is” and “as is available”.
•The portal may be used for personal as well as non-commercial purposes.
•It is prohibited via to send chain letters and advertisements, also prohibited is the advertising of enterprises, products, services, etc., via comments, the chat room, forum posts or your account

•When registering as a user, you are required to read and examine these terms and conditions, and other possible precepts and regulations which impact the use of the portal.
•Registering as a user is deemed to be acceptance of the conditions.
•The use of the system with the aid of corresponding programmes and scripts is prohibited.
•Users of scripts and programmes will be blocked immediately, without warning.
•Attempting to access the accounts of strangers is prohibited, along with violating or deteriorating the privacy and experience of use of other users of the portal.

•All rights are protected. All of the portal’s texts, pictures, drawings and graphics are protected.
•If you suspect a violation of copyright, we ask that you please contact the user who has published the picture/text on
•If an agreement cannot be reached, please write to the address Info[@], adding a copy of your previous written correspondence with the publisher of the picture/text (including the names and times of the senders of letters located in the headers).
•If you determine that your picture has been used without permission, then we ask that you forward the violator’s account address together with the notation "violator” and the account owners address strip with the notation “account owner”. Be sure to add to the letter all relevant links to pictures and accounts.
•If the person in the picture or the copyright holder of the picture/text has not given consent for the publication of the picture/text and submits a claim, the person who published the picture shall be liable for any consequences that may arise.

•The use of usernames, logins, passwords and/or entry codes (hereinafter "Login Data") is the sole responsibility of the user.
•The user is required to preserve the confidentiality and security of his/her Login Data.
•The user is required to immediately inform about the criminal use or leaking of Login Data to access the environment, by sending an e-mail to info[@], listing "login" as the subject of the e-mail.